5 Must Have Supplies for Your Upcoming Move

25 November 2020
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Planning for an upcoming move and don't know what you need? If so, it helps to have moving supplies on hand to get this job done. Not only will it make the job easier, but ensure that everything gets to your next home safely.

Moving Boxes

While boxes may seem like an obvious thing for a move, you should get actual moving boxes. Don't try to be cheap and get any box that you can find to cram stuff into. Moving boxes will be sturdy, have handles, and stack well in the moving truck. You'll be able to fit more boxes in the back of the truck like you're putting together a puzzle, which prevents boxes from sliding and damaging the contents inside.

Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is essential for protecting the large items that do not go into boxes. You can use plastic wrap to give items an extra layer of protection that prevents them from being damaged during the move. For example, you can wrap a dining table in plastic wrap to protect the top surface from being scratched. You can use plastic wrap to secure dresser drawers in place so that they do not slide out while being moved. 

Furniture Pads

Another helpful item to have on hand are furniture pads. These will give you some additional protection that plastic wrap does not offer, and should be used for items that could easily become damaged. For example, you can wrap a furniture pad around your television screen and secure the pad in place with plastic wrap. 

Mattress Bags

Transporting a heavy mattress can be quite difficult due to its size and weight. It will help to put the mattress and box spring in mattress bags that are designed for the exact shape. This will prevent the mattress from getting dirty if it needs to be rested on the ground or the inside of a moving truck, and protect it from water if it is raining during the move. The bag can also give some additional places to grip if the mattress doesn't have handles. 

Packing Paper

You'll want to have packing paper on hand for wrapping up your fine china. A common mistake that people make is using old newspapers, which can cause the print to transfer to the item that you are packing and trying to protect. Instead, spend money on packing paper that will not cause damage by accident.