Hire A Fine Art Delivery Service To Deliver From Your Gallery To Your Customers

24 March 2023
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As a gallery owner, you do more than decide what art will go on your walls and which isn't. You also need to figure out how to deliver the art from your gallery to the new owner. You can't just have the piece of fine art wrapped in brown paper and twine and sent to the customer's house. It needs to be handled carefully; fine art can be very expensive, and its value can be diminished quickly if damaged. All of that combined is why you need to hire a professional art moving company to get the art from your gallery to its new owner. 

Proper Packing Technique

A fine art delivery service will know how to pack any piece of art so that it doesn't get damaged while it is being packed or in transit. On top of that, the delivery service should actually be able to build packing boxes or containers around the art. This is especially important when it comes to pieces of sculpture. Sculptures are generally not wholly symmetrical or regularly shaped, so standard packing materials won't work. So, the delivery service can measure the piece, design a packing system, and safely pack the art. 

Specialized Vehicles

Other things can also damage art, including changes in temperature and humidity and exposure to moisture and sunlight. That means that any vehicle that transports the art has to be able to be climate controlled. If the piece will only go across town, a climate-controlled vehicle isn't as crucial since it won't be in the vehicle for long. However, if it has a long trip ahead, it will be more important because the art will go through all kinds of weather and temperature changes. The vehicle must also be strong enough to stand up to the weight of heavy sculptures. The vehicle will also need to have hard points so that the art can be secured and won't move while it is in motion. 

As a gallery owner, you take pride in the art you display and sell. You also have worked hard to develop a good reputation in the art world because that means more artists will want to show in your gallery, and more people will buy from you. One way to help develop that good reputation is to use a fine art delivery service to get the art from your gallery to its new owner, so contact one to learn more.