Don'T Put These Items Into Your Self-Storage Unit

4 June 2020
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A self-storage facility can be used to hold a wide variety of different things, clearing up valuable space in your home or apartment. But with that said, a self-storage unit is not designed to hold certain kinds of items. Even if it can technically hold something, that does not mean it's a good idea for you or the other people who rent units at your storage facility. Here are just some examples of what you should make sure to keep out of self-storage.

Any Kind of Food Including Pet Food

Are you saving up for the End Times with lots of canned or dry food? Perhaps you saw a great deal on pet food at the local store and decided to stock up? While there's nothing wrong with either of these ideas, your self-storage space is not the place to put any kind of food. Almost all food gives off at least some kind of aroma or smell. Even when the packaging is still sealed, it's possible that the scent of the food is detectable by pests even if you are not personally capable of smelling it. Leaving any kind of human or pet food in a self-storage unit is basically just an invitation for pests to invade. Not only will they come into your unit, but they might also go hunting into your neighbor's unit as well. Store your food at home instead.

Anything That Is Hazardous or Flammable

Hazardous chemicals or materials of any type are also a bad idea when it comes to your self-storage unit. Even if the container is sealed, the contents within could prove dangerous under the right conditions. What if your self-storage unit is not temperature controlled? You don't want a hot summer day to start a fire. Keep your hazardous or flammable materials out of your self-storage unit and you'll be protecting your own goods as well as those of everyone else around you.

Anything Wet

When you close down the kiddie pool at the end of the summer, make sure it is completely dry before you throw it into self-storage. The same concept is in place for just about anything else that you put inside your unit. Placing a damp item into self-storage without first drying it is the perfect situation for mildew or mold to develop. 

Self-storage facilities can be quite helpful for storing a wide variety of different items, but make sure you always comply with the terms and conditions set forth by your facility. Reach out to your local self-storage facility today for more tips