What To Throw Out When The Moving Van Just Wont Fit It All

30 August 2017
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During a move, you may get a moving van thinking that you are all set to get everything transported. Nearing the end of the move, you may figure out that there is no way that you would be able to get all of your items inside of the moving van. Even with your moving service expertly placing items onto the moving van, the space may not be enough to hold all of your items. If this happens and you are not willing to get a bigger van, you may have to begin to make cuts. If it looks like there will be items that you will need to get rid of during your move, here are some quick ways to make quick cuts:

Any cheap table

One item that you can easily replace at furniture stores, big box stores, and online are tables. From simple wood frame tables to carved glass tables, you may be able to find a table that fits your decor for cheap. Most people do not use their coffee table aside from decorations which tend to be unpacked last. If you are running out of space, you can get rid of any inexpensive coffee and side tables then replace them later. 

Anything not in good condition

Is the box spring on its last leg? Are the pillows discolored or lumpy? Is that old chair loosing stuffing and become an embarrassing fixture? If you have furniture that is in bad condition, you should get rid of it rather than lug it to the new place. A move is the best time to get started replacing all of those old items that need to be thrown away. Be sure to toss anything that is in poor condition to save on space and gas. 

Anything that is unused

If there are items that are unused, it is a good time to get rid of things that are not serving you and your family. Though you may like to hang on to things dreaming of a time that you may use them, it is better for your space and well being to not drag things along hoping to use them at some point. Toss out or give away anything that you have not used or ask the moving service if they know of a space to donate these items. That way the moving service can take the items after you are all moved out and you can do a good deed. 

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