Tips For Moving Awkward And Heavy Furniture Items

4 August 2017
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If you are moving into a new home and have decided to move some of your own furniture items yourself, then you may be a little concerned about weight and also how to maneuver awkward and tall items. If this is something that you foresee as an issue for you, then keep reading to learn about some tips to help you carry and move your furniture items. 

Use A Low And High Method

When most people move things, they will work with a partner and use their hands to grip objects parallel to one another. For example, both individuals will pick up and hold a couch from the bottom. While this may make sense so that neither person is carrying a bulk of the weight, it actually makes the object unstable and it can then topple over during the move. 

To keep tall and heavy objects stable, adopt a low and high carrying method. This is where one person holds the object from the bottom and the other holds from the top. This creates an angle where the items is balanced in terms of weight towards the middle. Also, the angle can match the pitch of most stairways of you need to go up or down with the item. 

To move objects this way, the person who is carrying high should pick up the items from the bottom first. Once the item is lifted, the other person should grab the top of the item and lift. For example, the first person would grip a couch near the legs while the other would hold onto the armrest of the couch.

If for some reason the piece of furniture still seems uneven in terms of weight, then try wrapping it in stretch wrap material. The low-density polyethylene wrap can help to make awkward objects easier to move.

Invest in Moving Straps

If you simply do not have strong enough muscles to move furniture around, then hiring a professional moving company may be your best option. If you do not want to go this route, then you can invest in moving straps instead that allow you to use other parts of the body for strength and stabilization outside the back and arms.

One types of strap, called the shoulder strap, uses your shoulders and chest to lift and stabilize objects. The strap sits over the chest and shoulders and middle piece hangs down and sits underneath the heavy object you want to carry. These straps are connected to two harnesses, so they are designed for use with two people. The only drawback to the straps is that the weight of the furniture item will shift to the lower individual if you need to carry an item upstairs.

If you want to use straps and are carrying items up and down stairs, then purchase and use forearm lifting straps instead. The straps wrap around the forearms and slip underneath the heavy object. The straps alllow the hands and arms to sit close to the object while you move it, so you can use them to steady and hold onto items. This is best for stair moving where weight can shift. You and your partner will need your free hands for stabilization when this happens.

If awkward items are difficult to maneuver, simply because they cannot be gripped easily, then a sling strap is a good option. These straps are adjustable varieties that slip underneath the item. The two handles on either side of the strap allow for lifting and moving. 

Bridle straps are an option too that feature hooks on the end to attach to items. This is ideal if there is no clear area where the strap can be placed underneath or around the furniture piece.