Maximizing Accessibility Of Items In Self-Storage When Storing Many Boxes

27 July 2017
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When you store your items in a self-storage unit, you can either come back for all of them after a certain period or you can enjoy piecemeal retrievals at regular intervals. The latter format requires careful storage for ease of retrieval. For example, here are some of the tips to ensure you can get the things you need from your storage unit with ease:

Most Accessed Items In Front

This is one of the most valuable tips for ease of retrieval. You need to put the most accessed items out in front so that you don't have to rummage to the back of the storage cabin every time you want to retrieve something. Putting such items to the back or randomly throughout the self-storage cabin makes retrieval difficult and also increases the risk of damage to other items.

Leave Aisles                                  

Another useful trick is not to fill every inch of the floor space with your storage items. Leave some walkways you can use to get to the back of the store and walk out with your items. The only instance in which dedicated aisles might not matter is if you are planning to retrieve your items all at once.

Label Boxes

You cannot talk about ease of retrieval without mentioning the issue of labeling. This is because even if your storage place is neatly stacked and there are clear walkways, retrieval will still be difficult if you can tell which box you need. Therefore, put legible labels on each box so that you can pick them out with ease. Put the boxes with their labels facing the outside.

Right Size Unit

Accessibility also involves using the right storage unit in terms of size. A tiny storage unit may be cheaper, but it isn't easily accessible if you are using it to store numerous boxes. If your boxes are too many for the unit you will not even be able to leave adequate walkways; you will be forced to cram every inch of space with the boxes.

The Unit Should Be Accessible Too

Lastly, note that true accessibility doesn't start at the storage unit; it starts from the road leading up to the storage facility premises. The road should be accessible and you should be able to drive up your vehicle right up to the door of chosen unit. Otherwise, you will have difficulty moving your items from the storage unit to your car.

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