A Time Line To Follow When Getting Ready To Move

24 July 2017
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If you are getting ready to move then you might be wondering what you can do to simplify the move and make it easier on yourself. Many people feel like they should be doing something to get ready, but aren't quite sure when to start on certain things like packing their boxes, hiring movers and so forth. Here is a helpful timeline to let you know when you should be doing certain things.

3-6 Months Preparation

Let's say you need to move from Denver, CO. A couple months before the move, you should be getting ready. The first thing you need to do is interview different commercial moving companies. Just don't try to hire someone weeks before you move, as this is a sure way to overpay and not get what you want. If at all possible, you should start interviewing people months in advance so that you can choose the dates that you want and have plenty of time to choose the right company for you.

You should ask the movers if they charge by weight or volume, extra charges they might have, and for proof of licensing and accreditation. If someone tells you that they can give you a bid over the phone, they are not a good company and cannot accurately do this. They need to see your things and asses everything that you have.

Additionally, during this time you should start organizing all of your belongings. This is a great time to get rid of things you don't want. Ask yourself if it is worth paying for it to be moved. If your old dresser is not, it may be worth it to donate or sell it and buy a new one with the money that you saved from moving it when you arrive to your destination. Having an organized house will make the move so much easier.

Weeks Before The Move

If you are not having movers actually pack up your house then you will need to start packing things up. This is the time to start packing those items that you don't use often. Things like clothes out of season, baby items, or toys can all be packed up. This is also a good time to start calling utility companies and letting them know you won't be needing their services on a certain date.

The Week Of The Move

Pack everything you have. Start cleaning the surfaces of things, and load up the truck. If the movers are doing the hard labor, then this is the time you just get to sit back and relax because you have prepared your house for the move.